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om listening podcast

Feb 16, 2022

Special S/O to our rad guest, Dr. T, for expanding our hearts and minds. For me, his work speaks to the power of Belief~ 

Like that quote by Henry Ford, 'wether you think you can, or you think you cant, either way- you're right!'.. because you are creating your reality to be. You are the universe expanding in human consciousness. You are connected to everything. & You are most definitely never alone.


Meet the guest 5:26

Quantum mechanics explained 7:27

Why we doubt angelic experiences 12:45

411 on Pathogens 16:40

How Dr. T started his work with Angels 21:37

Pig story (Oink Oink) 31:31

An upcoming remote offering ~ 47:43

Dr. T performs remote healing on me for anxiety ** chills** #seeingisbelieving 53:53


Dr. T Contact Info~


If you would love to connect with ya girl please contact 

Till next week, Much Love, Rockstar <3

XO, Corina